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Heyo fellow otakuies! I'm Solar Princess and just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I'm into that prissy, girly-girl stuff. I'm actully quite a tomboy, which means I'm really into hard-core, hi-action anime. OK, so my site may appear a bit on the girly side, but my fave animes include: Dragonball, Gundam SEED, Fullmetal Alchemist, and others that have a mostly male fan-base.
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Monday, May 7, 2007

   Two More Weeks!
Well, I only have 2 more weeks of school then I'm free for the summer! ... Well, almost. I still have work and taking the GRE, but my job working at a vet clinic is fun and I'll get my test over in June, hopefully, giving me the rest of the summer to relax and have fun.

I have two trips this summer that I'm really looking forward to. One is my usual trip to Destin, FL at the end of July. This is espcially fun since I have a bunch of friends who live in the panhandle that I get to hook up with. My other trip is Metrocon in Tampa. I'll be flying down there (first time on a plane since '04) and staying with a big group of friends. I've just about have my cosplays ready. The only one I have left to work on is Tenten, shippuuden version.

But yeah, I wish time would hurry up and pass! I can't wait 'til summer!!!

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

   So the drama
Well, this has been one crazy week for me. I ended up having to move into our new house sooner than we thought. It seems our third roommate went phycho on us when she lost her bottle of rum and not only tried to blame us, but have us arrested over it! I finally have all my stuff out of there and into our new place. I also finally got my scedual worked out for next fall: no early classes and Fridays off! Woohoo!
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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

   Home Sweet Home
Well, it's that time of year again... allergy season! And I couldn't feel worse. Thanks to the high pollen counts we've been having, I've been either sick or zoned out on antihestimes and decongestants.

But yesterday, I did get a moment between sneezing and blowing my nose to go apartment hunting with my roomie. You see, I'm living in a 4-bedroom apartment, but two of our roommates are moving out, so we need a new place. Luckly we hit the jackpot. We found a nice house for rent that is 2 or 3 bedrooms and only $600/month, and it's only down the street from where we live now. I'm hoping we'll get to start moving in sometime next month.

Now that we've found a place and I have my job at my vet clinic lined up for the summer, I finally layed down my budget for the summer. What exactly does that mean? you ask, well, it means I can go ahead with my cosplay projects for the year, since I now know I have enough money.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

   I'm back... and ready for the quarter to be over!
Well, I had a great time at Momocon and I got a lot of possitive feedback on my Tsunade and even my half-fast Tenten cosplays. My next con will be Metrocon in Tampa, Fl July 6-8, 2007. The cosplays I'm currently planning for this con are Tsunade (once again), Tohru in her summer uniform, and Tenten from Naruto Shippuden (as soon as I see how she looks in the anime). I probibly won't start on any new cosplays until the summer when I start working full time again. I also need to pay off my credit card and set aside money for important thins such as rent, before I can go out and buy fabric.

But for the time being, I really need to focus on school and getting the grades I need. As soon as spring quarter is over and I move back home, I can focus on making money and working on the rest of my cosumes for the year.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

   Momocon, here I come!
Well, I finally finished my Tsunade cosplay for Momocon this weekend, and I can hardly wait til Friday. I'll be cosplaying her all day Saturday, including the contest, and then on Sunday I'll be an original form of Tenten (mostly because I couldn't finish her actual outfit in time). But here are some pics of my Tsunade cosplay:

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Also, my friend, who is cosplaying Jiraiya, insisted I make a plush slug so we could have a summon monster fight. This is how it came out:

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If any of you guys are gonna be in Atlanta this weekend, let me know. To everyone else, have a good weekend!

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