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Monday, November 12, 2007

*Cracks back*
I spent a bit of money on manga this weekend. :/ I bought six new mangas, and checked out a bunch of manga art books from the library. I bought... Vampire Knight 3, Godchild 7, Hana-Kimi 12 (even though I don't need it. xD It was on cheap and I'm on vol. 3 so I took it), Vampire Kisses 1, Love like a Comic 1, Sensual Phase 4, and Emma 1 (for the Ouran keychain! Double points since I love the manga).

Oh! Oh! I just got my new comic paper! 8D I bought some paper the other day online, and it just arrived! Haha. I still haven't opened it, but I hope it'll help me. 8D Dededeeeee.

I still have to do my online classes or I FAIIIIL.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

So Stressful
I never realized being a Senior would be stressful. :/ I have school, I have to study (I haven't really...) for the AIMS or I don't graduate, I work two hours a day, and my costume is taking a toll on me. I can't wait until December comes. That's when my final online class will be done. x_x; Nrg...
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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mm... I feel a bit bad for forgetting about here. I'm not all up in arms about this site because I get confused by the navigation sometimes, but recently, my friend showed me her comic on here so I decided to come back because of her. xD Otherwise, I wouldn't have touched this account for maybe another year. I have poor memory sometimes. :/

I'M WORKING ON SOMETHING REALLY COOL, BTW. 8D It's all in water colors! <3

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