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Thursday, August 17, 2006

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Hello everyone! I was thinking of changing my site to D.N.Angel, I found a lot of kool pics of it on Google, lol. Only 6 more days until school starts -_- it went by so fast. But I'm kinda excited, it'll be fun to see what high school is like i went to registration not to long ago and the school was HUGE, there's no way I'll find all my classes. the first day should be interesting XD. the best part is me and my best friend (known as "why..." here on the otaku) get to share a locker! and we have gym class together so that's pretty kool. I think i have a friend in my class first period too. So hopefully this year will be fun. oh, in my comments yesterday Alphonse13 asked about the song on my site, it's called 'Motivation' by Sum41! they're an awesome band! another really good song they have is called 'Heart Attack'
well, i guess that's enough of my babble. thanks for reading! I'll visit sites!



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