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Thursday, July 20, 2006

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hello everyone! I posted earlier but my computer died befor i could submit it -_- i hate it when that happens. lol, well i should be happy that my computer works at all. last night there was a wind storm and the whole street lost power. it came back on around 5 a.m. then i had to go around and reset all the clocks, there's a million of them in this house and they were all flashing '12:00' spontaneously. it's a pet peeve of mine when the clocks arn't reset, I'm weird, lol
and there's no more pancakes left! *cries*
this is a terrible day, i woke up and went to the pantry, reached into the pancake mix box to find it completely empty. the horror!
...XD well, i guess that's it, lol
thanks for reading this pointless-ness!

I'll visit sites!!



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