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Monday, June 19, 2006

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hello everyone, sorry i haven't been updating...i guess i was just being lazy. o'well most of my post are boring anyway

i really hate the summer -_-' i don't get to see any of my friends anymore,
plus it's so frickin' hot *suffocates*
but one of my best friends is having to go through some hard stuff, i wish i could help but i have no idea how, i don't even see her a whole lot anymore so i can't make sure she's okay. i can pray and stuff but that never seems to do any good, i wish there was some way to help her out, maby things will get better...i really hope so...the whole world is getting pretty dark all of a sudden. and i never seem to be able to help my friends...this summer really sucks. and I'm not even here for anyone during the day because i have summer camp, i want to burn that place to the ground i hate it so much *fumes*

well, i'll shut it now...thanks for reading my rant..

I'll visit sites



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