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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Soda sucks -_-
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hello everyone! my computer, again, died last night. but i got to a few sites! I'm gonna start saving up for a new computer, i should have enough in about 20 years, lol, maby by some miracle this one will last that long.

I have an embarrassing story to tell today, at school, I was at lunch like any normal day. Then my friend buys a soda...so my other friend takes a drink and says "this taste like soap" the friend who bought it said, "like a soap opera!"(my friend is random) so we started a soap opera, (we are that dumb)i played the part of Aquafina, the water bottle XD, and my friend with the soda, was the enraged wife whose husband(a bottle of Snapple played by my other friend) was cheating on her with the water bottle. My friend who played the enraged wife soda decided to tackle my watter bottle, the soda can hit the table and exploded, i was covered in soda, and poor aquafina the watter bottle didn't stand a chance. lol, so i was covered in soda and my friends were laughing because it looked like i peed my self
it was the funnest lunch ever XD

thats all i have to report i guess

i'll visit sites!!!



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