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Tuesday, May 9, 2006

staples suck!
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hello everyone!!! another school day down, only 3 more weeks untill summer break!!
I'm a little sad tho, i'm gonna miss my language teatcher, lol she's so funny, today we were reading a book and the kid reading out loud was afraid to read the words ,'damn, sex, and slut' which were used alot in the book. All a sudden the teatcher says "you can say it if it's writtin in the book, watch..." she picks up a book and says "damn, sex, slut" it was so funny, XD

that was about all that happened today, the only intrasting thing anyway. the rest of the day was boreing -_-'

oh! how do you guys like the new theme!!?? i like how it turned out
i still can't get the music to auto start...but o'well

i guess thats all i have to report!

i'll visit sites!!



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