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Monday, May 8, 2006

Monday -_-
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hello everyone! it's Monday again -_-'
but there's only a few more weeks of school left, so that's kool!
there isn't ,much to say really, I'm planing on changing my theme to Hikaru No Go, hopefully it'll work out. i don't think I've done a Hikaru theme yet.
but more importantly, i have tragic news, a few days ago i bough some delicious chocolate candies from the store. and today i come home to find them almost completely gone!! I'm pretty sure it was my brother who ate them all, I'm going to question him nonstop until he fesses up and buys me more!! XD
and today in school i grabbed a dictionary out of boredom and learned a couple of new words, lol, my favorite is "boondoggle" i was going around saying that all day, lol


i guess that's all i have to say really

I'll visit sites!!!


~Chi Tori


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