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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

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hello everyone! sorry i didn't update over the weekend or the begining of this week...i guess i've just been lazy, but i think i visited a few sites at some point, i don't remember

school is starting to bug me,
all a sudden we have all these test and junk. and the techers who supervise the lunch room hate me and my friends, mostly because we flung a banana across the table and out into the ile yesterday, -_-.
we got detentions and lectures like crazy, i just picked it up by the end and the lower half went flying! it was a very rotton banana that my friend found in her locker. man that thing smelled! XD.
So today at lunch two teatchers stood there eyeing us ...it got kinda anoying

well... that was the only eventful thing thats happend really.lol

thats all i have to report today

i hope you guys had a good day!!

i'll visit sites!!!



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