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Thursday, April 20, 2006

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i finally beat Kingdom Hearts 2!!! i bet everyone has by now, lol, but! i'm so glad i beat it!! the ending was so awesome!!!!!!
i wonder if there will be a kingdom hearts 3. i'd be too afraid to play it, the games get harder each time 0.o

one more day till the weekend!! and 28 days left of school befor summer. i'm counting down, lol

sorry this post is pointless, my life is pointless. There is a series called Loveless, me and my freind named each other with names that end in "less" like the people in Loveless, mine is "lifeless" because i don't have a life, my friends name is faultless, ...i don't really know what led me to talk about that XD

well, i guess thats it!
i'll visit sites!!!


~Chi Tori


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