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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

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hello everyone! sorry i haven't updated in a while! i had a lot of projects to do in com. arts, i got some new ones assigned today, most of them are to make posters for Earth Day and i have to draw a picture of a war scene for social studies...stuff like that. it might be fun tho, posters are kinda easy

but, anyway, on Saturday i got on the computer really late, and half-asleep realized that i have never seen the last episode of cowboy beebop! so i downloaded it, and it was awesome!! but really sad. i finally get all that "Spike lives!!" stuff that i see a lot!

o! a big storm blew through the other night!!! it looked so kool!! the clouds were all stretching out, and then everything went totally black outside. All you could see was lightning, everything else was completely black, then it hailed for a while and the sky started looking green. the tornado sirens came on and this voice came over them saying something like,"take cover" then the next thing i know my back porch starts shaking really hard so i went inside, I've never see the sky so green!!! it was kool, but it got creepy after awhile, everything was still, no wind nothing, for hours,kinda creeped me out, lol

well i guess that's all i have to report really,

I'll visit sites


~Chi Tori


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