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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Testing totally sucks -_-'
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hello everyone!!! We took the second part of the MAP test today at school, it was long. a lot longer than part one, it was kinda easier tho, so i guess it balanced out!
other than testing, the only bad thing about today is my science teacher, she really hates me...it gets kinda scary in science class

Whelp, i guess that's it. nothing else really happened today
i wish the weekend would hurry up and come!!

I'll visit sites


~Chi Tori

Fullmetal Alchemist Sleep Over (girls) by Minako
Favorite FMA character:
You:Made prank phone calls with Winry.
Edward:Played DDR with you. That was fun!!
Alphonse:Was the designated driver because he's metal and can't drink. lol
Mustang:Flirted with Hawkeye, who was left like o_O.
Hawkeye:Sang karaoke. Who'dve thought she was a good singer?
Hughes:Break danced. WHAT?!
You all fell asleep at:4:00 am
When will it happen?August 11, 2058
Chances you guys will have fun:: 83%
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