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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

so sick -_-
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hello everyone! sorry i haven't posted! over the weekend i was just being lazy i guess. yesterday i had detention after school and my mom grounded me from the computer, and today's post is late because i had to go to the dentisit, BLAH! the crap they put on my teeth makes me wanna puke! i feel sick just thinking about it!

well, those are my excusses for not updateing

oooo, how do you like the theme? i think my FMA one was better, but this is okay i guess. i found an awsome song just a few seconds ago on one of my mom's old CDs. i already have it saved on the computer, i'm gonna try to match my theme with it
try is the key word -_-

i guess thats it, i still got math hoework to do...sorry for the lame post

i'll visit sites!!!


~Chi Tori


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