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Thursday, March 2, 2006

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Hello everyone, I'm in a kinda sad mood. i got 2 hours of detention next week. i made a mess at the lunch table and they said it was the last mess i would ever make because they were giving me detention. i can live with detention, but my mom is all mad at me. my friend got in trouble the other day and has detention assigned also. my mom thinks i did what i did just get in detention with my friend. she won't believe me when i say that i didn't want or plan to get 2 hours of detention...but she won't listen -_-

o'well,'m sick of typing the word "detention". so I'll move on to the next subject

almost Friday!!!! *cheers*

ooo, i found an awesome pic!!!
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isn't it kool, I'm trying to make a drawing as good. it's like my picture idol, lol or something like that

well i guess that's it

thanks for reading,
sorry my post was so uninteresting!

I'll visit sites!!


~Chi Tori


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