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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

No Homework thanks to the royal pain of an essay DUE MONDAY...........wait that's homework, i guess, but not till Monday!!!!!!1
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Hello everyone!!! how were your days?? mine was good, but only because i got a sandwich from this place called Quiznos. It tasted so good!!! and i was starving too, i skipped lunch because my lunch acount had no money in it. i coulda sworn i just put 15.00$!

ooo, in Algebra class we had to take some district wide survey thing. and i remember one of the questions, it said "Did you commit Suicide in the past year?"
i think everyone checked 'no' on that one, unless they were zombies
that survey was so weird!!

i found another video!!!

the song is awsome!!!!!!

well, i guess that's it
another boring day in the neighborhood

I'll visit sites!!!


~Chi Tori


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