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Thursday, February 16, 2006

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sorry i didn't update yesterday or the day before, a bunch of stuff has happened. i was thrown in the school dungeon...(the room in the main office with really hard chairs and all those cheesy pictures on the wall that say a bunch of cheesy things)i had to sit there all week during lunch time, the day before yesterday was when i got in trouble, i made a mess on the lunch table -_-, and yesterday was my first day serving my time, turns out i missed alot back out at the lunch table, something big happened between my friends. so today i was so mad about everything happening, i wanted to be there for my friend! but no, i had to sit in that frickin' dungeon of a room. but i didn't, i just sat at the table with my friends. things are a little okay...but not really, there's a dark cloud over everything now. it sucks...looking out side i guess that dark cloud came to life...or something, because it looks like it's gonna storm. the clouds are all, like, green
it's kinda freaky

I'll stop here! thanks for reading!!

I'll visit sites, cya then!

~Chi Tori


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