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Thursday, January 19, 2006

i'm sorry...
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hello everyone!!!!!!! i'm sorry i haven't posted in a week, i don't even know how i didn't post for a week, i decided to not post monday because i didn't feel like it (because i was lazy -_-) and befor i knew it it was a week....i'm so stupid, i even have prof, i took an IQ test and my IQ is 88, thats REALLY low, below avrage, and it means i'm stupid. i guess i knew all along...lol.
well, i hope i wasn't missed all that much, i probly wasn't, and thats good!! i don't wanna leave any friends hangin'
i think i made my friend mad today...for some reason every word i said sounded snobbish...or something. i duno, well i'll visit sites!!!!

oh! heres a video!!

i like the song alot!!

i'll visit sites


~Chi Tori


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