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Thursday, January 5, 2006

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hello everyone...i'm sorry, but this post might be wierd...lol
i'm in a weird mood i guess, so much seems to be happening, tho it isn't it's just me, that girl that died, she was in my post befor yesterday, but my brother's friend's sister, a funral service was held for her today. i didn't go, i had school, and i felt like i shouldn't have gone. it wasn't my place, my mom and bro went tho, when i got home my mom told me about it, it was so sad, but it also sounded kinda touching i guess...i duno, i felt like i wanted to have gone, but if i had gone, i woulda just been pushing my nose into a place where it didn't belong. then i heard that my brother wanted to join the army, and that he was seriously considering doing it, and i feel like a total babby, just sitin' around and wineing all the time, about homework and school and other crap. i don't know how all the funrel and army stuff brought up the babby thing, but it did.
so i wanna stop being a babby! and help and crap! i duno, something! and typeing all this is makeing me feel like a babby, whineing again. as usuall.
well, i guess i'll shut my whiny self up

i'll visit sites

cya later

~Sara (my real name for once)


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