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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

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hello! i feel like i'm losing my mind...today is so weird! i found out that my brother's friend's sister killed herself yesterday, just like that, just, killed herself....it's weird, i hardly knew her but i feel really sad...then on the news there was a really sad story about a kid dying in a car acident, it decribed how good of a kid he was and that kinda jazz, i think it's just weird! too many of the good people die!!! for some reason thats what i keep thinking, this whole day is crappy!!

well, i know that was a not-so-fun post, so i'll lightin the mood with funny video!!

funny cats!!!

my theme is really makeing me mad! nothing is working!!! not even the background!!
i feel kinda guilty talking about my theme on top of everything elese...i'm just gonna shut up!! i'll visit sites!!

cya then!

~Chi Tori


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