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Thursday, December 8, 2005

*drools on key borad*
*3| | |@_@| | |4*

hi everyone! i didn't update yesterday...i'm sorry. i don't really have an excuss. but i had to run up to Target with my mom after school, is that a good exuess!
we did some christmas shoping at Target, it was fun, but i got really tierd in the store. i think it was because they had there heater on, heaters always make me tierd for some reason!! it snowed today, alot actully! i hope theres a snow day tomorow, that wouls mean no Social Studies test! i should be studing...but thats the last thing i wanna do right now *grumbles*
so, i hope all your days were good! and filled with awsome swnow!!!(if you like snow)

well, if i babble any more you guys will probly want to shoot me so heres a pi-*gets shot*

*would make a commet but can't seeing as i've been shot!*

*will visit sites* (in afterlife o.O)

~Chi Tori


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