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Saturday, December 3, 2005

Hello!! it's Saturday!!!
*3| | |@_@| | |4*

hi everyone!! how is your Saturdays going? mine is okay so far, just woke up. i was having this really weird dream, it was like Anime-ish. it was cool!!
and last night i went to get my hair cut, they totally messed it up!! it's gonna be embarrassing going to school Monday -_- i asked for like an inch off and they take like, 5! jeez...*gets out sausage shooter* I'll show them!!!!
okay, i gotta BIG question! whats a really awesome, super duper, best-ever song? i need one for my new theme that I'm gonna put up after christmas! it's gonna be my best theme yet! i need awesome music tho!!
if you guys don't mind, whats your favorite song? and who does it?

i got a pic!


well, that's all i got really, i guess I'll go and visit sites now!


~Chi Tori


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