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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Sorry ^^'
*3| | |@_@| | |4*

i'm so sorry i havn't updated! i was on here but i just never posted...well, i'v changed my site yet again, cool huh? (kinda black)

did anyone see FMA last night? it was really werid and sad kinda, i feel sorry for Ed and Al......
but wats bad is that it's sunday, i hate sundays...they suck. it's the day when you gotta do all your homework that you haven't done yet ~-_-~

here is a pic, it's for my friend but she isn't on here right now to see it so i'll just show you guys

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i'm sorry if my site seems depresing, it just turned out that way...it's cool though, right?

oh! i almost forgot, here is a club that is part of my affelite club thing(i don't know how to spell that)
she put my club on her site so i'm puting hers on mine...

it'll have to stay here untill i find out how to do the 'fetured quiz result thing'...that whole quiz thing confuses me,lols ^^

well i guess thats it for today

i'll seya all later!!

~Chi Tori

ps: bewere people in red cars! muahahahaahaha *runs away*

survey i took

Name:Chi Tori
Birthday:match 4
Birthplace:Italy (it's true! i'm Italian)
Current Location:not in Italy *grumbles*
Eye Color:brown
Hair Color:blonde/ brown (more brown)
Height:5" 1
Right Handed or Left Handed:left
Your Heritage:ITALIAN
The Shoes You Wore Today:black hightops
Your Weakness:fear?
Your Fears:=_= uh...my weekness
Your Perfect Pizza:has pinapples
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year:keeping my head above watter
Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger:lol ^^
Thoughts First Waking Up:oh, shit
Your Best Physical Feature:my face, uh...yeah
Your Bedtime:10:00 pm
Your Most Missed Memory:the hardyness Italy *sigh*
Pepsi or Coke:blah! neither
MacDonalds or Burger King:BLAH! neither!
Single or Group Dates:group, hehe
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea:wich ever one is sweetend
Chocolate or Vanilla:CHOCOLATE!!!
Cappuccino or Coffee:coffee
Do you Smoke:nope
Do you Swear:yep
Do you Sing:sure
Do you Shower Daily:yep
Have you Been in Love:nope
Do you want to go to College:yep
Do you want to get Married:not sure
Do you belive in yourself:yep
Do you get Motion Sickness:nope
Do you think you are Attractive:don't care
Are you a Health Freak:not really
Do you get along with your Parents:yes
Do you like Thunderstorms:oh yeah!
Do you play an Instrument:drums
In the past month have you Drank Alcohol:*thinks*
In the past month have you Smoked:nope!
In the past month have you been on Drugs:no!
In the past month have you gone on a Date:can't say i have
In the past month have you gone to a Mall:yes
In the past month have you eaten a box of Oreos:mmmmmmm, you bet
In the past month have you eaten Sushi:i wish
In the past month have you been on Stage:at school
In the past month have you been Dumped:i never dated
In the past month have you gone Skinny Dipping:*shifty eyes*
In the past month have you Stolen Anything:yes
Ever been Drunk:nope
Ever been called a Tease:no
Ever been Beaten up:yes
Ever Shoplifted:yes
How do you want to Die:in a ferice battle as a hero (i want to be old though)
What do you want to be when you Grow Up:voice actor and or manga-ka
What country would you most like to Visit:
In a Boy/Girl..
Favourite Eye Color:yellow
Favourite Hair Color:blonde
Short or Long Hair:long
Height:short like me
Best Clothing Style:red jacet with an alcemey symbol on it ^^
Number of Drugs I have taken:0 NONE!
Number of CDs I own:like 50
Number of Piercings:none
Number of Tattoos:none
Number of things in my Past I Regret:1 thing


i love survrys!!

how are you?fine! ^^
whats your favorite song?thats tricky
do you live in Italy?i whis i did
are you sure?yep
are depresed?no
if so, why? if not, why?i don't know
favorite inernet lingo term (ex: lol, btw, wtf)lol & wtf
i hate youwell then
do you hate me?no
i don't hate you anymorethanks
do you cuseyes
yeah, me toonice
is this fun?sure
i'm bored with it too??
so, whats your favorite color?orange
any certin video game you like?Final Fantasy, all of them
whats your dream?to sprout wings and fly
do you belive in your self?yes
whats most importent to you?my life
do you belive in what is most importent to you?of course
do you smoke?no
puff, the magic dragon?o_O
all those thing are bad for you, you know that already, don't you?yes!
good bye
did you have fun?i did
your a cool personthanks!



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Friday, April 15, 2005

*3| | |@_@| | |4*

these are the banners for the music lovers club!! there just a few pics i found edited up a bit but they will do untill i find beter pics ^^

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

if you want one go ahead and take it

not mutch elese ta post today

~Chi Tori

PS: sorry i didn't post yesterday, i just wanted the chatbox up longer ^^' *begs for forgiveness*


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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Tecnical Dificulties (sp?? O_o)
*3| | |@_@| | |4*

my site has been haveing some tecnical dificulties! (i can't spell that) so if you start to have trouble with any thing just PM me and i'll try to sort it out....i didn't get around to makeing any banners for that music thing ^^' i couldn't find any pics of anime charcters with headphons,lol. but i'm working on makeing my own so i hope it's done soon.

but in other news i guess i'll talk about last night (not like mutch happend) i weny to my aunt's place and had a little fun i guess. my mom just played werid card games and stuff with my aunt while me and my brother did random things to keep us entertained lol. but thats not really that intrasting..uh.. i did write a new story kinda...it's really long and no where near done but if you want ta read it i'll post it after the pic!
i do have this, i should post it in my profile but then i would feel like i copyed the person who showed me this so i'll just put it here

lol, okay time for the pic i guess ^^

now i guess it's story time,lol

hope ya like it! (i think it could've been better)




I let out a hevy sigh, despite the darkness of my castle
i could make out my small plume of breath on this chilly night.
My ears began to ring as i recalled the screams i hered not a minute before.
I, the proud Roman king was begining to dout wether or not i was right to lead an Empire.
My name is sir. Augest
and not but one hour ago i was to've led the U-Kan tourture.
U-Kans were a race of people who, along with the Etruscans, had helped with the building of rome. At once they were friends to my people but then, no one is sure why, they were marked as demons of the Holy Convect. It was said that eatch U-Kan had an ability. An abillity that made them demons, or as most Romans see it, servents of the great god of sadness and flames, the Holy Convect as it is called.
"SIRE!!" i looked up, roused from my thoughts. "SIRE!" the voice was one belonging to James the 3rd, my roal body-gared and maid. He clambered up the steep stone steps wich led to my bed chamber, wich is where i currently sat. "SIRE, a U-Kan has busted from it's cell! alast we see proff of these mythed abillities!!!" I rose to silence him with my words but befor i even took in breath he went on again, franticly."Those U-Kans always said that they didn't have abillities! but now, this moment, we have seen proff!" he tried to go on but it was my turn to cut him off. "there abilities were never 'mythed'. don't you agree that if they can go for years with out us feeding them that they were already showing us all an abillity?" he gave my a blank look. I knew that U-Kans could go exactly 15 years with out food from birth. I knew so because i was told by a U-Kan herself. "b-but sire...." he stammered, then i watched as he turned to leave my chambers. but to my slight surprise he turned and said in a real low voice"why are you so difacult? your father was a much better ruler".

"Strawberry paste?" Saya wrinkled his nose. "smells sweet". Hiora smiled from the other side of the bars. "Your awfly picky for a prisoner." "You know i don't have to eat, like you do." Saya said. Hiora shook her head, "i know you don't, but you liked the cheery paste i made right?" she said. Saya noded "yeah, it was good but remember? after you feed me that i'm good for another 15 years."
the sun shone brightly down on the small Roman village. Hiora was siting down on the beach by the shore line. She spent alot of time down there with the U-Kan captives, thats where they were keept the U-Kans, in wooden cages along the The Shore Line.
I watched from my window, the girl, Hiora, thought she meet the U-Kan prisoner 'saya' in secret. and for the most part, she did. only I knew of her visets to the shore, for i could watch the becah all day from my high tower window, as i often did. but today there was something wrong. i just had a gut felling when i woke up this mornig that things were not the same. maby it was because of the hard night i had last night...it ranged from everything to the U-Kan tortures to the words James III said to me. even though i knew i wasn't a good king the words felt worse comeing from someone elese. I was sure as the sky was blue that i wold be resined and my younger brother March would be apointed king...of corse as i would soon learn, the sky wasn't always blue. for the most part at least...

ta be contenued, i hope


~Chi Tori


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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

*3| | |@_@| | |4*

i must hurry! i can only stay on till 4:00 (15 min.!) so i have to make this post quick! today is my day of creative-ness (or so says my horoscope lol) so i'm starting a club for music lovers here on MyO, i don't have a banner(s) done yet so just, hold on! i'll make them as soon as i get back from my aunts tonight ^^' i'm sorry if this post sounds werid but i'm typeing faster then ever right now so forgive me!!!! i'll leave you with a pic and post the banner for the new club later, so here, i hope ya like it!!

gota go!

i'll seya all later on

~Chi Tori


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Monday, April 11, 2005

life....what a confusing thing
*3| | |@_@| | |4*

heheh, sorry but this post is going to be very 'deep' today (at least this part of it), the 11th of every month is what me and 'shadows in dreams' call our "deep day"
priity random huh? lol. well, anyways here is my first contribute to the 'deep day' traditions
(our resons for 'deep day' are secret, so i won't tell! lol)

it wasn't a normal day, but a better one, yet the "beterness" scares me a little, i wonder why,do any of you ever feel like that?

lol, don't take the too seriously, it's just a random question for today...

well, anyway today was the most boreing day i have ever lived through! school is sutch an ass burner!!! the homework never ends!...i start MAPs tomarow and i was saposed to study last night and tonight, but i hate to study. i think it actully makes things harder for some resaon lols

i changed my theam to Naruto, it WAS Kyo from Frubra. i still gota change the music though
but past that, i found a little trick out today, press F11, go head do it right now, press it again to get the screen little again ^^

okay pic time, i'm thinkin' Wolf's Rain becauce it's a priity DEEP anime and thats perfect for 'deep day' lol

kinda deep for a pic, but there are sadder ones out there, i just didn't want to go and retrive them,lol. but Wolf's Rain is a VERY good anime, i just got done watching the 5th DVD...so i would recamend it if you haven't seen it!

thats about it i guess, i gota go make a banner for someone real fast so i'll seya later!!!

~Chi Tori


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Sunday, April 10, 2005

*3| | |@_@| | |4*

hello........i was gone yesterday, ALL DAY. it was very tiring. i would go back ta bed but my bros in my room playing the PS2! lol,
well antyway, yeasterday was very intrasting, i went to the mall and bought 3 mangas, one of wich i want to throw away, it was so bad! then i went to this Itallian Restrant and ate dinner...but after dinner i went and saw a movie (this is how i blow my B-day money)...i got home around 10:30, just in time for FMA, then i stayed up till cowboy bebop was over...then i answed a couple of PMs then passed out.

if the comment box isn't working again today, just scream at it really loud! i don't know what keeps messing it up..........well i guess it's time for a pic, i think i have one saved thats pritty good......


i think i'll cange my theam!
any sugestions? i need insparation -_-

seya all later!

*falls asleep*

~Chi Tori


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Friday, April 8, 2005

Whats up?
*3| | |@_@| | |4*

lol, hello it's me again. sorry i didn't post or vist sites yesterday, school was kinda hectic and i had alot of home work and i wasn't free till late last night...in wich i didn't feel like doing mutch whit my site and stuff.......i'm sorry.

i just fineshed my homework for today, it was geo. my worst subject...i had to do it because i got a low score on my last test...i hate math!
but anyways, i did put some new music on! it's preety good i guess, just somethig diferent,lol

for today i'll give you two pics, ones a club banner...the founder of the club is JungWoo ^^

lol, that ones kinda big

well, i must go and comment on all the sites....

till next time!!

~Chi Tori

ps: almost for got the banner!
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Wednesday, April 6, 2005

*3| | |@_@| | |4*

lol, thanks for all the kind words yesterday! hehe, well it's raining right about now and not mutch is going down...man, the suberbs are so boring LOL, i wish i could go and do something action packed right about now!!!! lol, sorry, i'm hyper today!

i just joind a club! the founder is xxalchemistxx...GO TO THERE SITE

^^ i'm going to put that in my profile, as soon as i'm done here

*hyper spasm* i don't know why but starbuks coffe always makes me TOO hyper! lol....i went and got a cup after class today, it was good!..............

*deep breaths* okay, there isn't mutch to report today except that i have this idea for a new manga...i can't wait ta start drawing it! i hope i can submit this one to 'the rising stars of manga' compatition that Tokyo Pop holds. It would be great if i actully got it printed into a real manga book!! well, i guess thats about it for my day and what happend, except school there is nothing elese really to type about! so, how about a pic! woo!

it's from Peace Maker!


~Chi Tori


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Tuesday, April 5, 2005

*3| | |@_@| | |4*

i fell so alone today, no one at school talked to me, no one is talking to me here on My Otaku, is everyone dead!....*sighs*...do i smell bad or something?lols.....o'well i guess i'll just have to deal with the "aloneness",lols

well, anyways i changed my theam to a "summer" look, i hope it's good! if all the orenge gets sickanig just let me know,lol.

uh...i guess there isn't really any thing elese that happend today worh mentioning.....SO! i'll put on a great pic and hope you all like it!,lol.

here ya go!

well, i guess i'll seya later, then....OH! wait, i wanted to say that i'm planning on making this awsome banner for this site so keep watch. if ya wanna see it, it should be up soon ^^

till next time
~Chi Tori


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Monday, April 4, 2005

MAP Testing!!!!!!!!
*3| | |@_@| | |4*

i might not be able ta post as mutch next week! i have MAP testing at school! *cries very hard* i'm sooooo bad at MAPs, it's a curse.......at school today all we did was prepare for "the big test" as the teatchers called it (oh yeah, what away ta bost our confadince! NOT) *Sighs*
well, any-who i do have some good news
i totaly re-did my freewebs acount, so it's alot better!
and i hope i get the time ta make new walls soon...between studying(i HATE studing!) but then again, i probly won't study as mutch as i should, i never do. i always foeget all my study sheets and text books,lol.

okay, thats a boring subject so i'll just bring on the pic and shut up ^^

it's not the best...but i like it alot for some reason -_-

i guess thats it, sorry it was so short!!

~Chi Tori

ps: Link to my Freewebs page!
just click pic


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