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Sunday, July 2, 2006

  today .....today was ok nothing specail i gues i went no where and we played inside games and i got okari sushi!!! yummmm*rubs belly*

now since im done blabbering i wish that anyone that reads this join


its my friends site and she want more boy because theres only one.(thats her brother hes a mod with me)

but anyone will be fine bcause she things "the more the merrier" lol and i agree please do i friendly deed and please tell me who oyu are and what site your from when oyu sign up im momo the mod.because id like to know who oyu are ya know....

right now im watching van helsing while im on the computer...*laughs and giggles* the lady died too bad now dracula will never die wakakakakakaka well thats about it^_^


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