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myOtaku.com: spicy tuna roll

Thursday, June 29, 2006

kobanwa!today was pretty good i didnt really do anything very fun i just cant figure out anything to do.i mean im so bored.but anyway uhmm just a few minutes ago i turned off younha-houkiboshi and gackt-vannilla they're both reall good song...ha ha me and my brother and sister put chayene pepper in my sisters macaroni and let me tell oyu that shits hot.right now my sister is eating her sister macaroni wth this disgusted look on her face.ahhh...this is great.ewww she just spit her food in her bowl.yuck but enough about right now more about what happened to day we had lots of fun there....for 5 MINUTES. oh it was great i got sit to my roo mfor back talking her but i got out. i finished a little more of my manga ai itsumo and thats about it for today so yea...

ja ne

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