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Monday, June 26, 2006

KOBANWA^^today news for today lets think...

i dunno i thnk i pretty bored no one to talk to online...no jae....he my advice giver he lilke good i no get advice from anyone else except him and fmafan aka asuka-chan^^i pretty bored today i have my hair in pineapple style^^ and i play outside and almost caught a chipmunk^^ but my little sister made it go so where we cant get it we''ll never catch one it seems like because my sister has no pets and she wants one...so i thouhgt a chipmunk would do^^we made up a game where we go in a door to an apartment nd the other person has to guess which door the other person is in... ha ha ....it was fun...now i listen to gackuto-san vannilla i have the yaoi version of it...that mean he on his band members ahhh he sooo cute but then again i only in 6th gade... *sigh* i so bored and i think that i might change my site a bit because itss been likethis for a while....you think i should yea ill change the coors....

ja ne

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