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Sunday, June 18, 2006

   well today was pretty interesting so yea..

lets start

uhmm my mom and her fiance are out right now getting stuff for lord know what.i went swimming today of course and i plan on going swimming again once my mom comes back and right now my brother is watching a movie and this guy just told the lady that her boobs look like saddle bags. lol im about to pee myself....*laughs so hard stomach starts to hurt* the guy is jim carey but he just licked his finger and stuck it im the air and made this weird squinty face. god hes crazy but back about today uhmmm i cleaned if that counts i dunno ..... im trying to make this really supa long....i cleaned 12 things when my sister barely did anythig psssh *makes a face* so yea.... and now my brother says the lady on the tv is a man and stuff like that lol yea today has been pretty good so im pretyhappy ...well bye

ja ne

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