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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

today was kinda fun and gross well we had to learn about periods and stuff like that and it had like naked people and the inside of where the bloood comes from i thought i was about to puke it was nasty all they had to to do was say you get a period and explain it but nooooo they had to og and make a big deal out of it.and the nurse was there and i swear that lady hates me she was sitting there staring down at me like i was little bug and i was asking christine (zhoa) what all this other stuff like cake has to do with period.and the nurse leans over whispers something in my ear (i couldnt understand her) and then bonks me on the head with her "sample" and guess what we even had to to bring our backpacks to put the stuff in so the boys dont see it i HATE my nurse i mean she hit me on the head with a pad.and the boys they got seperated in another room and they had to watch the boy part of the movies like about erections and stuff.and i was sitting in the math class and this boy jamie was sitting there annoying me like always and trying to guess what was in our "samples" like last week i said damn in math class cuz my pencil broke and he started hitting me on the head screaming at me i mean this school is not normal.and then he started "interveiwing" me with the end of his enpitsu and i wasnt saying anything so he leaned in and said "giving me the ST huh"? in tthis really goofy voice.

and in music christine was sitting there and she asked me why noone and i blurted out cuz no one likes miss.mcdonald (i think thats her name)and i had to leave the room for 5 mins.and of course i made a few new friends out of that little stunt.

but thats about it so yea im going now oyasuminasai.


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