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Sunday, May 14, 2006

well to day is mothers day and for my okasan i gave her a fan nad i made her a card. ^^ so yea well today we went to the park and i met this girl named tine she was nice i didnt even know her but she said my day would get better and some how it did maybe it got better because i know that some one kknows im alive.lol well i got home and played video games made a card for my okasan nad i got on the computer.and right now im listening to younha my lover.so yea .id say this would be the longest post ive made in a couple months.so yea....

im pretty bored...

so yea...

ok let me think...im tired if that counts and no body wants to play with me but thats ok i guess.

and FMAfan if you read this tank you for reading my posts^^

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