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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

   well im not sick anymore but i have a butt load of homework that i intend to do. lol. well i hatemath assingment and the science its TOO hard.

but....there is a good side to today...

well im home and thats about it today was BAD VERY BAD!!!!! well i hate home work and i have too much of it so when i get off of here at 4:30 i have to start the torture =^_^= *claps hands*

and theres a tired side of today ha ha (there's so many sides og today lol)...

well im tired because of gym we had to play baseball and this girl shelby kept on hitting me in the leg.i got angry shes like "oh i throw fast so try not to get hit"
i got pretty sore leg so thats about it

matta ne

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