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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

   well today was good me and my friend christine (she's chinese) walked home together and my mom got me some new school stuff ^^ and i had to do my homework and i ate my lunch i had a 2 cookies when i got home with a peice of cheese cake and i little taste of the frosting on the desert cake^^ but thats all..no its not^___^

well today i accidenly went in math class A when i was suposed to go to history A buthen after that i went o math class B then i wen to i think science class C then i had to wait to walk home because my sensei sadi i dont think they called the walkers yet in like yes they did like 15 mins. ago so i had to walk up to the office and ask them and they said the same thing i did but istill caught up to christine on the way home!!! well g2g t2yl


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