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Sunday, April 23, 2006

   well today was good it was the day we had my moms party we had sausages and me and my brother and siter wen to the park and we had a swinging contest me and my sister nad then lisa and my brother had a contest
i be back i have to go check my laundry...

im back they're still wet

well we were at the park and there was this lady with her kid and she was like its time to go home and so he wouldnt leave and the lady picked him up the ankles andput him in the wagon and she was dragging it but that only problem was that his head was hanging out of the wagon dragging on the groud and i was laughing and while she wasnt looking the kid hopped out of the wagon and went back to the tire swing and she was still dragging it not knowimg the kid was gone and she didnt even look back and then she noticed and se went up took the kid and threw him in the wagon and dragged him of whil he was crying.i was dying^^

then we go home and my mom set up the computerand i had to wait for my sister to stop playing higgly town heros and then i got on andhave just been doing stuff butnow i have to go ttyl


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