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Thursday, April 20, 2006

   well today the first thing my mom said to me this morning was "EMMMIIIII" my evil saitan terrorist sister kelly who is 4 told my mom i hit her but my sis stuck up for me.

so me and my other sister lisa went to the park later on that day.....

well we got back and it was like 11:30am and lili my 16 year old siter that stuck up for me earlier that day said "WHY DIDNT YOU BRING KELLY WITH YOU ?" and i said "because i cant control a 6 year(lisa) and a 4 year old at thet same time" and she got angry and waas like got o your room so i went and then i came out later on and got a drink and i was trying to say sorry for making lilli do her reponsibility (sorry cant spell) and she like go to your room and stay there until you can say sorry then i tried to say that i was trying to say sorry and she thought that i was just doing it cuz i didnt want to stay in my room and this is where things got hot.....

well i slammed the door in her face and she called my mom and i had to stay in my room for 5 HOURS so i did and this is thet ending...

well i went with my mom to get me and my borther and sisters regitered for school and i have to walk to shcool with my little sister and lilli might have to do her sophmore year over (haha)and micheal has to walk a little less than half a mile nah nah and between thet two subjects og micheal nad half a mile and lilli of sophore year im pretty good ^_^ g2g t2yl emi
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