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Thursday, May 11, 2006

   today was bad it was raining and cold and i didnt ahve a hood and i wosh that i did because i had to dry off when i got home get changed and sit there and make a can of tomato soup which i enjoyed ^^ *licks lips and rubs belly*
so yea thats about it.


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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

   well im not sick anymore but i have a butt load of homework that i intend to do. lol. well i hatemath assingment and the science its TOO hard.

but....there is a good side to today...

well im home and thats about it today was BAD VERY BAD!!!!! well i hate home work and i have too much of it so when i get off of here at 4:30 i have to start the torture =^_^= *claps hands*

and theres a tired side of today ha ha (there's so many sides og today lol)...

well im tired because of gym we had to play baseball and this girl shelby kept on hitting me in the leg.i got angry shes like "oh i throw fast so try not to get hit"
i got pretty sore leg so thats about it

matta ne

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Tuesday, May 9, 2006

hi im back so yea i am sick soi stay home today and i was so bored there nothing to do. hai hai so that it goodbye.
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nana kitade-kiss

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Monday, May 8, 2006



younha-my lover

younha-Motto Futari de

hai.hai.i love younha =^_^=

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well today i have done reading test and i got a 225 on it so thats good for a new kid i guess.so yeah.uhmm i have to think so thats all for today a guess bye n_n

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Sunday, May 7, 2006

todayi wathced memoirs of a geisha 2 times and once yesterday.so yea im pretty caught up on it i think they should make another one a second one about whats happend to hatsumomo and what happens to sayuri cuz dat would be cool thats like all i did today so yea matta ne


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Saturday, May 6, 2006

well these are some bands i recomend ♥_♥

#1-alice nine
#2-arashiro beni
#3-Asian Kung Fu Generation
#4- Ayumi Hamasaki
#5- BoA
#6- Chemistry
#7- Cool Joke
#8- Dir en Grey
#9- Do As Infinity
#10- Due Le Quartz
#11- Every Little Thing
#12- Gackt
#13- Gazette
#14- High And Mighty Color
#15- Koda Kumi
#16- Larc~en~Ciel
#17- M-Flo
#18- Megumi Hayashibara
#19- Nana Kitade
#20- Nightmare
#21- Orange Range
#22- Porno Graffitti
#23- Psycho Le Cemu
#24- Puffy AmiYumi
#25- Rie Fu
#26- Shiina Ringo
#27- TM Revolution
#28- The Pillows
#29- Utada Hikaru
#30- X-Japan
#31- Yellow Generation
#32- Younha
#33- Yui

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well im bored today my lil sis had to spend like 8 hours in our room shes finally out the thing happened when she started to lie and then wala there she is in there for 8 hours.ha ha.well today i went on a picnic with my sister and we rolled down a very steep hill and then fed geese and we tried to catch a baby duck wich was very fun theni ogt home took a shower and ended up on the computer

the end

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