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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

OH MY GOD. *insert cheesy namie amuro face*
music - Waking up In Vegas - Katy Perry (be shocked)
time - 2:54 PM

EDIT: I have a major headache and I don't feel well right now. ;__; If you updated I'll comment sometime during this week. Sorry. ME IS BETTER NOW. :D

D: omg...I've been listening to american music so much lately...it makes no sense. D: I still love my asian bands but....dammit. This summer has been weird.

So yet again I disappeared. Well get use to it. D: I'm so sorry I'm not on here at all. I get bored w/ theO really easily. I just don't care about anime anymore so viewing all those submissions are just....sorry, boring to me. ;__; And myO....too lazy to read long posts. sorry. i'm a little more active on LJ. I've been able to meet some really nice ppl. [btw, it's not a phase anymore. I stopped watching anime about a year ago. I really have little to no interest in it. I find the rest of Japan's culture more interesting. ^^;]

But...I'm gonna try to change before school starts. I'm going to try really hard to use myO, theO, LJ, AND Facebook. I need my high school friends. This is our last year together...;__; I need them. I'm so sorry.

shit Crap that has happened since last time-
+ chat w/ my twin (chibilala) made me realize I really don't like anime anymore. NOTE-IT IS NOT HER FAULT. We spammed each other w/ pictures of anime....yeah, didn't really care. T____T ANYONE, PLEASE SPAM ME WITH HOT ANIME GUYS. I just want to see if it really is over.
+ It was Syaoran's b-day the 13th....yeah, I celebrated by breaking up w/ him. D: I had "married" him 2 years ago........yeah, DIVORCE TIME, BABY
+ :D I've been an Ohno fan for a year. ♥
+ My crush on this guy has grown so much. D:
+ I'm in love w/ my icon. D:
+ My friend found me a job but I couldn't take it b/c I have no car.
+ Time to start summer hw, got to read East of Eden by John Steinbeck. 691 pages of pure -__- ugh
+ OH MY GOD.......I got an obsession w/ Shakira. She Wolf...oh my shizz...can't stop listening to it. Englishy version and Spanishy version
+ Fools, I speak spanish. :P

Time to give you your pictures. ... :D
Was asked for my clost.........EH!?

1st picture is of the whole thing. the other 2 are to prove i have posters (and other things) of asian guys in my closet. D:

Was asked for pictures of my wall w/ posters more than once. ^^;

so I give more than one. :D 1st is by my door (yamapi is on my door) and 2nd is right above my bed. Didn't share all. :P

No asian men but Jesus is there. :D

1st animal I saw....o.o
found out there was a fly in my room...oh well. btw, I have no pets.

Oh, I was looking at aa post from 2 years ago today. O___O things have changed so much!!! OMG!!! TOP 10 ANIME GUYS!?!? I couldn't even remember who Hiro is. -__-'' lmao, Today i just did this JE ranking thing. :D It was fun.
1 Ohno Satoshi
2 Ninomiya Kazunari
3 Aiba Masaki
4 Ikuta Toma
5 Matsumoto Jun
6 Chinen Yuuri
7 Yamashita Tomohisa
8 Sakurai Sho
9 Masuda Takahisa
10 Yamada Ryosuke

For your viewing pleasure. All the guys.
Ohno nino aiba ikuta toma Matsumoto Jun chinen yuuri
Tomohisa Yamashita Sakurai Sho Takahisa Masuda yamada ryosuke
I'm going to hell. D: 2 kids younger than me...T^T
One year old post is weird too. I miss Toma.

Tell me about you please. ME WANTS TO KNOW!!! Share a picture of your closet too. xD

Japanese television is amazing. :D


Love you all. I'm so sorry. T^T

3:53 PM

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