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Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday, July 28, 2008
MUSIC: Prisoner of Love by Utada Hikaru
MOOD: lil tired
TIME: 9:57 PM

ZOMG!!!! I love Utada Hikaru!!!! LOVE HER!!! lmao, just wanted to let you know. I've only been listening to this song for a million times today. Gotta watch the drama....NOW!!! Last Friends...here i come. XD

I wasn't going to update but....I changed the layout so I had to update. look at the ickyness that it is!!! might fix things up later...probably won't since i'm lazy. DX btw, if you want to know how the next layout is gonna look like, look at the Guestbook. That bg is gonna be the next layout. lmao, i kinda want to make an e-card now about this layout. XD don't know why but when i saw the picture i thought of:
"b/c life is... [bitter] sweet*"
life does suck like that. DX

Gotta share the hotness that is topless Ikuta Toma. XD lmao....wow, that episode was...interesting.

I had to do it!!!! KYAAAAAH!!! I just loved this part of the whole story. XD Syaoran + blue eye = SMEX!!!! Love it!!! seriously, i watched that part over and over again. the sound effects of Syaoran eating Fai's eye was....*silent scream* great. XD

Everybody's expression when they found out I support syaoran's cannibalism. XP he should of ate the other one too!!!!

btw, I get my screen caps by using BSPlayer. I use to do the print screen thing but I can't do that when I use Windows Media Player. So I got BSPlayer, now all i have to do is press one button and it gets it for me. ^^ very convenient.

i is screwed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have a drive time this wednesday. guess who hasn't practiced at all? ME!!! crap..... i'm so screwed.

*sigh* I only have one gift left to give on theO. T____T i need more. I'm sorry if you didn't get one. I'll give more out next month. ^^

btw, that is Fai flicking you off at the bottom. >//////////< favorite picture of him. don't you dare flick him off!!! Or you will face my wrath. -overprotective fangirl-

*sigh* I was singing this today too. XD oh my....i am so messed up. XD
gay boyfried!!! I don't really care you are queer.

*runs off to read fanfiction*
Have a great day!!! ta ta!!!

meh gay bf, yamapi is a guy...O_O

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