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Why, heya? ^_~ I wasn?t expecting visitors?
Well, to tell you the truth, I kinda was? so, yeah. Can?t lie to you folks on myOtaku.

Thanks everyone for making me feel so welcome here! It?s very nice on myOtaku, I might even abandon neopets, but the temptation to take over that sight is too great. :evil cackle: Mwehehe!

Current Things To Do:

-Oekaki some fanart
-Update this page more often
-improve the graphics!
-Find more custom smilies (hate the ones that they give you!)


Well, have a nice time veiwing my page! ^_^


Current Theme||DDR

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

   You people thought I was dead, didn't you?
Hehe! But alas, no! I am back, and with my Girl Scout cookies of DOOOM! ^_^; As you can tell, I'm very hyper.

Eh, I shall return, kinda busy... Heh.

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Thursday, January 22, 2004

Smilie no workies!
Here's what my mood smilie was going to be...

Yeah, it's cute. Remember, read the other post! :points to post below:

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   It's da year of the Monkey! ^_^
Happy year of the monkey everyone! ^_^;; Lookie at my custom smilie! :coughifitworkscough: ^_^

Well, my friend at school Celebrates the Chinese New Year, and she gave me this little baggy of stuff... including this really good candy... called lucky jelly candy! 0_0 Best darn stuff in the world, ya'll... really.
She-her name is Gaby- explained that this candy was just like a jelly bean, except without the hard coating..
And there is much more! Gawd, I want more!

^_^ Yeah! You get the idea.. 0_o;;
Apart from that, nothing made my day except for the huge slushie that's sitting beside me as I type! I get a HUGE slushie from my local 7|11 every Thursday-my treat for the week!

Sorry, I'm a little hyper...
Well, :points to last post: that is the holy sacred post where all my ideas are.. and I can't decide which to do! Please help me decide!
You get a little cute animation...
Gaah... I'm desprate. Just comment or post... if you care enough..

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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

   What to do...

Sound/Music||The Hum-My Computer
Real Mood||Stressed

Hey there, you like my little bouncy blob? ^_^ I love him too...

I was thinking in History (and part of math) today what I should to for the fanart section of theOtaku. I made a little sketch of a sphinx that I might do and oekaki on, or one of my many misc characters that wonder their way into my sketchbook. Or I could do an oekaki of Harry Potter, Tsukasa from .hack//SIGN, or maybe Sirius Black? :sweat: I wonder way too much. To post your opinion, please comment.

I shall be back soon, just to check on what I should contribute. See ya! ^_~;

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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

   Hi! From me again...0_o;;

Music//Sound||Sims- Acid Techno Trip
Real Mood||Giddy and Hyper

Gawd, I hate homework. Oh yeah, just so you know...
I'm in the 8th grade... :sweat: Please, don't stop talking to me cause I'm still in school! Eh.. 0_o;;

Well, to sum up today's events, I came close to failing my recent math test. I hate math... it's hell on earth if you ask me. No offense to those who love math... it's just me... really.

How do you like the music to the page? Does it match the theme? Gaah, I'm theme-crazy. My friend on >Gaia(anime roleplaying community, message boards and stuff like that. Many of you people would like that! ^_^)is just as orgainized as I am, although my room reflects a war site, really. 0_o;;

I use the computer for all of my family, I don't have my own comp yet, but I'm earning money for one! I would say donate, but I don't think I :coughormymomcough: would like the fact that I'm getting money from complete strangers, although it would be nice... :sweat: I'm a mad dreamer, aren't I? Yes? Yes. You know I am, so shut up and agree. Well, I'm off to neopets. BTW, my account(s) are haigara and bella_luna_wolf. I'm on haigara most often... heh!
Must dash!

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   Look! It's a Bunny!
Look! I got a bunny cursor!

Remember when I had that little bunny oekaki up? Yeah! ^_^

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Monday, January 19, 2004

So, I just saw the new .hack manga's at Borders last night... Gawd, did I go berserk! I already have read the first one, without buying it of course! I just sat in their coffee shop and read it. It was great! -pokes manga- Yay! ^_^

I'm really happy with my theme of pink and green, along with the premade blog, credit to Gpetz. -pokes layout- I'm into poking now! ^_^

Note: My music for this page is insane, please pardon. Let me explain it.

This mp3 file is insane, as I stated before. Someone took the gibberish from The Sims and added music to it, getting this GREAT outcome... just listen. And if you don't know what The Sims is, then you better run a search on it! ^_^

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