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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

yay Spring break is over
Well i missed you all but that's not the point the point is that I didn't stay home much over the long break. I went to Tulia Texas the first weekend and that was awesome. Then this past I stayed at home that was so boring that I really got mad yesterday & just decided to pop in Bullet For My Valentine cd yesterday and that's heavy metal and you think that maybe it would make me even more mad but it didn't. It actually calmed me down. The reason I got mad is cause my parents take anything one of my Friends parents say to seriously that it just pissed me off to the point that i was going to cut myself again, but I didn't I was a good little girl that put in a cd in her cd player and got happy really fast. That sounds so perverted lol but now I'm in a little better of a mood that nothing really matters. okay a few things do (Trevor) BUt that's a different story I guess you could say ne who g2g work needs to be done love you all and hope you love me too lol.
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