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Monday, March 10, 2008

vampire love chapter 5
“SHE WENT WHERE?” “Please quit yelling first then I’ll be able to tell you.” “NO I WANT MY SISTER BACK HERE NOW!!!!!” Demitri cowered as Ashley threw her sword across the room past his head. “Why is it I’m the one always getting in trouble?” “You’re the one who was supposed to be watching her.” “I was really supposed to be doing that?” “YES DEMITRI!!!” Ashley walked passed Demitri to grab her sword. “Well now we need to go find her & see if she’s alright.” Demitri didn’t want to say anything at all to offend Ashley so he just walked behind her. As they walked through the kitchen, Damien saw that Demitri was fallowing Ashley. “So where are you going to?” “Damien if I thought it was any of your business then I would tell you.” Ashley turned & came face to face with Demitri. “Nice to see you too Ashley.” “Get outta my way I have to go save my sister.” “I thought you said that she was going to be fine & you were going to let her do her own thing.” “Well I didn’t know that he was going to kidnap her.” “Maybe she went willingly. Have you thought about that at all?” “Yeah I have, but I don’t want to think that she was willing to go with that monster.” “We are monsters, but not all of us seemed to be like we should be anyway.” Demitri saw her face & flinched away to make sure that she wasn’t going to hit him. She didn’t do anything at all. She turned away from him as if her face was red. “Why haven’t you hit me yet?” “I don’t feel like it.” He caught a glimpse of her face & notice she was red. “You’re blushing?!” “NO I AM NOT!!!!!” Demitri didn’t want to anger her anymore than he already had. He stepped out of the room to let her calm down.

Yeah love this part of the story very funny

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