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Thursday, February 28, 2008

vampire love chap 4
“Now I remember him. I was in love & that’s why he haunts me in my dreams. Why couldn’t I figure this out?” “You forget your human memories.” Sora fell off the window sill & fell into the floor. “Come now get off the floor. Not a great place for a lady such as you.” As she got off the floor the figure came closer to her. His teeth glistening in the light that was cast from the moon above. “Is that you Trevor?” “Who else would it be?” He grabbed her by the waist & lifted her up off the floor. “You’re just as beautiful as you were when I first met you.” “You say such kind things but if my sister sees you up in my room…” “She won’t do anything at all. She understands that you loved my in your old life. She just doesn’t want me to have you is all.” “Are you the one who changed me?” “Yes I would never let another vampire put his hands on you!” A tear rolled down her face. “You are the most amazing person that I met. Even as a vampire.” “That’s nice to know.” He put his hand up to her face & wiped away the tear. “You know we need to do some things.” “What things?” “Oh you want to know want I want to do for you.” “For me?” “Of course is there an echo in here?” He laughed at her remark. “You are funny you know that.” “That might be why you love me?” “Yeah that might be why.” She laughed at that last remark he had made. “So since you have nothing better to do will you come with me then?” “Yes that would be fine with me.” “Thing is could you handle what I’m about to show you…?” “You’d have to show me first.” “Well okay then… You’re probably not going to like it though.” Sora took his hand & he led her to go with him. “Where are we going to?” “You are going to go with me to my palace to rest day light is fixing to break.” “I don’t sleep though.” “You should. It’s not healthy for you not to.” “I understand it’s just you always came to me in my dreams. You made it very difficult to sleep” “I’m so very sorry about that. I just thought that maybe you’d try to remember me at all. It wasn’t easy to get in contact with you either. Every time that I contacted you I’d lose a little bit of myself.” “I‘m sorry. I didn’t know that & every time that you did that you did something that scared me & woke my from my dreams.” “Next time I do that I’ll make sure to help you just a little bit. That way you’ll be able to sleep & not worry about anything.” “That might be nice then.” She snuggled into his chest as they landed at the front of the palace. “Now let me escort you to your room where you’ll be able to stay if you like.” She didn’t say anything just held on to his arm to make sure that she didn’t fall. “You seem to be very tired.” “Well I haven’t slept well in a few weeks.” “You mean you haven’t slept at all in several weeks.” “No that is not the right words.” Trevor smiled & rolled his eyes at what she said. “I wish that I could stay with you just a little longer, but I have things that I need to attend to.” “But…” “But nothing you need to get your rest. So sleep!” “Okay then.” Sora went over to the bed & sat down. When she sat she looked around at the room & all the things that just happened to be hanging on the walls. There was a picture of him & her kissing on the wall just across the bed. “I love that picture I wonder when it was taken though?” She laid on the bed & pulled the blankets back over her head & drifted off to sleep.

I don't think some of you can compair this to twilight at all (Trevor) Cause that story is a lot better

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