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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Guess what?
I'm probably going to have to move some time soon cause of my dad. Last night he was sitting in his chair drinking a bottle of Jack Daneils because he's in a lot of pain. He was acting like a total ass to my brothers & i was a sleep. My mom came in my room this morning at 5:00 & told me all of this. So she's wanting to move in with my uncle who lives miles away & I don't want to move till I graduate. I've moved so many times I hate it. My mom even knows this & it's pissing me off to a point where I'm about to kill myself just to get away from my step-dad. Yeah tell me that's not cruel. But you all want to know something? I hope & pray that when my dad has sergery that he gets parilized from the neck down so all i'll have to do I duck tape his mouth shut & not listen to him at all that is if he doesn't leave me & my mom & my 2 younger brothers this saturday when he gets his disability check.
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