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Monday, February 25, 2008

Vampire love chapter 3
Sora rolled over & went back to sleep to forget about what her sister had said to her. Every night that she slept she would have a nightmare of some sort. “What are you doing?” A man looked at her like she was some one he knew forever. “Who are you?” “You’ve known me for a long time.” “No I haven’t.” “Sora you have. You can’t remember me. That makes me feel sad.” He lifted her up & pulled her close to his heart. His heart beat was very faint like hers. “Are you one of us?” “I’ve always been one of you even before my life was changed.” “Who are you then?” “My name’s Trevor…….” That’s when he bit her neck. She jumped out of the bed, screaming, & fell in the floor at her sister’s feet. “Another nightmare?” “Yeah, it’s about the same guy.” “Trevor…?” “Yeah it’s him again.” “I think he’s trying to tell you something.” “Is there something you’re not telling me sister?” Ashley sighed & sat on the bed. Sora got up & sat beside her. “Trevor is the one that changed you. You are his mate.” “Why didn’t you tell me along time ago?!” “I thought that he’d never be able to find you. Maybe he’d just forget you & look for some one else to make his mate, but now he’s made it obvious that he wants you & no one else.” “Sister he’s a deranged psycho! Why wouldn’t you tell me this?” Ashley hung her head afraid to talk to her little sister. “The reason was I didn’t want you to get involved with him.” “He’s already got me involved. He scares me Ashley.” “He’ll come for in a little while. But that might change once he meets me.” “No I want to meet him all by myself. To see what he’s like.” “Sora do you know what you’re asking of me?” “To stay back & let me do my thing.” “Are you sure you can hand that?” “Yes what do you take me for? A weakling?” “Sometimes yes, but did you know sometimes I have to help you get out of scrapes?” “Yeah big deal. I can do most of the things myself.” “You sure you don’t need any help what so ever?” “No I got this one covered.” Ashley sighed & left the room for Sora to gather her thoughts.
She sat at the window to make look out at the town. Nothing much was going on since it was still midnight. She was thinking about Trevor & how he might have changed her. That’s when it all came rushing back to her.
When she was human she was in love with Trevor. She fell for all his none human like qualities. She always thought he was beautiful. His jet black hair reached about his shoulders & his brown eyes always had a little sparkle to them.

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