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Monday, March 10, 2008

vampire love chapter 5
“SHE WENT WHERE?” “Please quit yelling first then I’ll be able to tell you.” “NO I WANT MY SISTER BACK HERE NOW!!!!!” Demitri cowered as Ashley threw her sword across the room past his head. “Why is it I’m the one always getting in trouble?” “You’re the one who was supposed to be watching her.” “I was really supposed to be doing that?” “YES DEMITRI!!!” Ashley walked passed Demitri to grab her sword. “Well now we need to go find her & see if she’s alright.” Demitri didn’t want to say anything at all to offend Ashley so he just walked behind her. As they walked through the kitchen, Damien saw that Demitri was fallowing Ashley. “So where are you going to?” “Damien if I thought it was any of your business then I would tell you.” Ashley turned & came face to face with Demitri. “Nice to see you too Ashley.” “Get outta my way I have to go save my sister.” “I thought you said that she was going to be fine & you were going to let her do her own thing.” “Well I didn’t know that he was going to kidnap her.” “Maybe she went willingly. Have you thought about that at all?” “Yeah I have, but I don’t want to think that she was willing to go with that monster.” “We are monsters, but not all of us seemed to be like we should be anyway.” Demitri saw her face & flinched away to make sure that she wasn’t going to hit him. She didn’t do anything at all. She turned away from him as if her face was red. “Why haven’t you hit me yet?” “I don’t feel like it.” He caught a glimpse of her face & notice she was red. “You’re blushing?!” “NO I AM NOT!!!!!” Demitri didn’t want to anger her anymore than he already had. He stepped out of the room to let her calm down.

Yeah love this part of the story very funny

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I hate the new site
the new site is just so stupis it makes me feel idk stupid. lol by the way i love you guys missed you all. I couldn't get on at all last week cause this site was blocked monday & tuesday it snowed here so I couldn't go to school then either. & then all week was just hecktick yeah very scary but hey here i am contact me here please.
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Friday, February 29, 2008

all of you will have to give me time to write the next chapter of Vampire love cause it takes me a while to type up stories off the top of my head okay so wait & be pacient & i love all of you so very much lol

LOve Sora Mitsuki

OR Melody Newburn

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

vampire love chap 4
“Now I remember him. I was in love & that’s why he haunts me in my dreams. Why couldn’t I figure this out?” “You forget your human memories.” Sora fell off the window sill & fell into the floor. “Come now get off the floor. Not a great place for a lady such as you.” As she got off the floor the figure came closer to her. His teeth glistening in the light that was cast from the moon above. “Is that you Trevor?” “Who else would it be?” He grabbed her by the waist & lifted her up off the floor. “You’re just as beautiful as you were when I first met you.” “You say such kind things but if my sister sees you up in my room…” “She won’t do anything at all. She understands that you loved my in your old life. She just doesn’t want me to have you is all.” “Are you the one who changed me?” “Yes I would never let another vampire put his hands on you!” A tear rolled down her face. “You are the most amazing person that I met. Even as a vampire.” “That’s nice to know.” He put his hand up to her face & wiped away the tear. “You know we need to do some things.” “What things?” “Oh you want to know want I want to do for you.” “For me?” “Of course is there an echo in here?” He laughed at her remark. “You are funny you know that.” “That might be why you love me?” “Yeah that might be why.” She laughed at that last remark he had made. “So since you have nothing better to do will you come with me then?” “Yes that would be fine with me.” “Thing is could you handle what I’m about to show you…?” “You’d have to show me first.” “Well okay then… You’re probably not going to like it though.” Sora took his hand & he led her to go with him. “Where are we going to?” “You are going to go with me to my palace to rest day light is fixing to break.” “I don’t sleep though.” “You should. It’s not healthy for you not to.” “I understand it’s just you always came to me in my dreams. You made it very difficult to sleep” “I’m so very sorry about that. I just thought that maybe you’d try to remember me at all. It wasn’t easy to get in contact with you either. Every time that I contacted you I’d lose a little bit of myself.” “I‘m sorry. I didn’t know that & every time that you did that you did something that scared me & woke my from my dreams.” “Next time I do that I’ll make sure to help you just a little bit. That way you’ll be able to sleep & not worry about anything.” “That might be nice then.” She snuggled into his chest as they landed at the front of the palace. “Now let me escort you to your room where you’ll be able to stay if you like.” She didn’t say anything just held on to his arm to make sure that she didn’t fall. “You seem to be very tired.” “Well I haven’t slept well in a few weeks.” “You mean you haven’t slept at all in several weeks.” “No that is not the right words.” Trevor smiled & rolled his eyes at what she said. “I wish that I could stay with you just a little longer, but I have things that I need to attend to.” “But…” “But nothing you need to get your rest. So sleep!” “Okay then.” Sora went over to the bed & sat down. When she sat she looked around at the room & all the things that just happened to be hanging on the walls. There was a picture of him & her kissing on the wall just across the bed. “I love that picture I wonder when it was taken though?” She laid on the bed & pulled the blankets back over her head & drifted off to sleep.

I don't think some of you can compair this to twilight at all (Trevor) Cause that story is a lot better

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my background
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I'm not sure but I'm probably not going to move & hey Uchihablood I'm willing to tak you up on that offer in a little while.
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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

When Aries and Cancer come together in a love affair, it's a case of opposites attracting. Aries is rash and brash while Cancer is sensitive and emotional. Aries can certainly be emotional -- in a fiery, impetuous way that can completely overwhelm Cancer. Even though Cancer usually likes to take time with relationships, Aries's whirlwind approach can be extremely stimulating. Aries, on the other hand, may find the Cancerian sensitivity appealing; it's a good balance for the typical Aries bluntness. Troubles may arise if Cancer's mood swings or Aries's aggression becomes hurtful. Both Signs must take time to listen to their partner's needs and understand that they're coming from different directions to meet a common goal.
Cancer is the Sign of Home while Aries is the Sign of Self. One great dynamic between these two is that both Signs are extremely protective of those they love. Cancer uses that Crab shell to draw around themselves and their family and mate when trouble is near, while the Ram uses their strength and bravery, like a knight in shining armor. Cancer also provides Aries with a happy domestic life and emotional security. Sometimes they might build an idealized image of their Aries partner or be overly possessive, which can really grate on independent Aries. However, Aries can help by reassuring their Cancer partner that they are loved and cherished. Aries really needs to learn to listen to Cancer: the Crab operates on an instinctive level and their advice can help Aries avoid making silly mistakes caused by that typical Aries lack of planning.
Aries is ruled by the Planet Mars and Cancer is ruled by the emotional Moon. Mars was the God of War, and Aries is a soldier meeting every challenge head-on. Aries's open, passionate nature appeals to Cancer, who often internalizes emotions and feelings. Cancer can have intense, feminine energy and Aries can help them learn to release it. The Moon controls tides of the Earth, quietly affecting all life; similarly, Cancer works behind the scenes (while Aries rushes into battle). Cancer tends to be sentimental and can teach Aries to slow down and appreciate life instead of always rushing on to the next thing.
Aries is a Fire Sign and Cancer is a Water Sign. These two elements can be a great combination if they work together, using both emotion and action to get things done. Cancer can help Aries slow down and learn to be gentle, while Aries teaches Cancer to come out of their shells. But Cancer can be emotionally manipulative -- sometimes there's just too much Water dampening Aries's enthusiasm. Conversely, too much Fire can cause Water to evaporate, leaving Cancer emotionally raw. Aries and Cancer must talk openly and freely to ensure their balance is maintained.
Aries and Cancer are both Cardinal Signs. Both Signs are initiators, but they have to learn to cooperate. On the surface, Aries is the leader, always rushing out to meet a challenge, but Cancer is also indirectly in charge through emotional control and the ability to weigh the situation. Cancer tends to compromise more easily while Aries can be unwilling to yield, so the Crab may have to accept giving in.
What's the best aspect of the Aries-Cancer relationship? Once they realize they're on the same team, the combination of Fire and Water works well together. Aries is out there getting attention and Cancer is quietly supporting the back end. Each partner's ability to provide what the other is lacking makes theirs an equal relationship.

I got this off of quizilla & this is cool

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Guess what?
I'm probably going to have to move some time soon cause of my dad. Last night he was sitting in his chair drinking a bottle of Jack Daneils because he's in a lot of pain. He was acting like a total ass to my brothers & i was a sleep. My mom came in my room this morning at 5:00 & told me all of this. So she's wanting to move in with my uncle who lives miles away & I don't want to move till I graduate. I've moved so many times I hate it. My mom even knows this & it's pissing me off to a point where I'm about to kill myself just to get away from my step-dad. Yeah tell me that's not cruel. But you all want to know something? I hope & pray that when my dad has sergery that he gets parilized from the neck down so all i'll have to do I duck tape his mouth shut & not listen to him at all that is if he doesn't leave me & my mom & my 2 younger brothers this saturday when he gets his disability check.
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Monday, February 25, 2008

Vampire love chapter 3
Sora rolled over & went back to sleep to forget about what her sister had said to her. Every night that she slept she would have a nightmare of some sort. “What are you doing?” A man looked at her like she was some one he knew forever. “Who are you?” “You’ve known me for a long time.” “No I haven’t.” “Sora you have. You can’t remember me. That makes me feel sad.” He lifted her up & pulled her close to his heart. His heart beat was very faint like hers. “Are you one of us?” “I’ve always been one of you even before my life was changed.” “Who are you then?” “My name’s Trevor…….” That’s when he bit her neck. She jumped out of the bed, screaming, & fell in the floor at her sister’s feet. “Another nightmare?” “Yeah, it’s about the same guy.” “Trevor…?” “Yeah it’s him again.” “I think he’s trying to tell you something.” “Is there something you’re not telling me sister?” Ashley sighed & sat on the bed. Sora got up & sat beside her. “Trevor is the one that changed you. You are his mate.” “Why didn’t you tell me along time ago?!” “I thought that he’d never be able to find you. Maybe he’d just forget you & look for some one else to make his mate, but now he’s made it obvious that he wants you & no one else.” “Sister he’s a deranged psycho! Why wouldn’t you tell me this?” Ashley hung her head afraid to talk to her little sister. “The reason was I didn’t want you to get involved with him.” “He’s already got me involved. He scares me Ashley.” “He’ll come for in a little while. But that might change once he meets me.” “No I want to meet him all by myself. To see what he’s like.” “Sora do you know what you’re asking of me?” “To stay back & let me do my thing.” “Are you sure you can hand that?” “Yes what do you take me for? A weakling?” “Sometimes yes, but did you know sometimes I have to help you get out of scrapes?” “Yeah big deal. I can do most of the things myself.” “You sure you don’t need any help what so ever?” “No I got this one covered.” Ashley sighed & left the room for Sora to gather her thoughts.
She sat at the window to make look out at the town. Nothing much was going on since it was still midnight. She was thinking about Trevor & how he might have changed her. That’s when it all came rushing back to her.
When she was human she was in love with Trevor. She fell for all his none human like qualities. She always thought he was beautiful. His jet black hair reached about his shoulders & his brown eyes always had a little sparkle to them.

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My Background
i love it now cause well I reminds me more of Trevor & myself lol
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