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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

   Germans or the language
I know that every one id more interested in Japan and wouldn't answer this question,but I must asks:Do any of you know any Germans or the language? I wanted to take German in college and I'm a little interested in Germany. I heard the people there are really rude and mean is that true?
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   Carl's an ass
I'm really starting to hate Carl.asshole.Drake. I said earlier that he kicked me out of the anime club(It was a joke and the president let me back in),while today my friend Trish,who had a crush on him, told me that he keeps treating her pretty low. I'm going to murder him when I see him tommorrow or I could just call him tonight. I'll have to think about it.
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Monday, May 16, 2005

   EB games
I'm kind of mad,well I gotten an application from this guy named Mr. Pete,who works at EB games. He said that when I sign the application and bring it back that he could interview and may be hire me. The problem is that I took it back and the guy wasn't there, instead it was two other people,who of course said they weren't hiring but they like to keep applications just in case they like to call that person back. The only good thing(it seems weird to me) is that this guy waved to me at the store, but I didn't know him and I was with my mom at the time so I couldn't talk to him.
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Sunday, May 15, 2005

   Holocaust Manga
Tonight I had an idea of creating a manga a bout the Holocaust. It's a really good idea but very historical and graphic. I believe that this manga will be the dark side of my self. But, I have to finish God Slayers and start Revelation Requiem. Hopefully I'll finish those two or just start the Holocaust manga after God Slayers. I really hope that no one will get upset by this manga....
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Saturday, May 14, 2005

   The Mall
Today I want to the mall,I bought the 3rd volume of Yami no Matsuei and I saw my cousin's friend Brandon. We talked for quite a while,his friend Brent thought that I was a cute,which really shocked me. The only reason I didn't go out with him is because he has a girl friend. It figures that someone whose interested or someone you like always has a girl friend. Just my luck.
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   The Slayers and Lina Inverse
I know this will sound odd,but does any of you seen the whole Slayers series? I've only up to ep:12 on the first season.I'd also like to know if any of you have any Slayers CDs? My cousin has the Slayers TRY and the Movie CDs,but she's always busy I can't borrow it. So I hope anyone can answer my questions. Oh, also who is your favorite Slayers character?
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Friday, May 13, 2005

   I love my Aunt.
Just a few minutes ago, my aunt called to tell me that I should take better care of myself and not worry a bout againing weight. You see,a round christmas in 2003 I fainted from dehydration(hope I spelled it rtight)because I was worried a bout getting fat. I know you guys would laugh but just like Gackt and his sex problems,I was really worried a bout gaining weight. I now understand that I won't gain weight until I'm 32 or so and by then I will be taking care of my self and training in martial arts in Japan.
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   More a bout me.
I forgot to mention more things a bout me so here we go:
1. hair: My hair is pretty long for an african american, it's at the middle of my back.
2. I love Lina Inverse from Slayers and would love to cosplay as her(we are both small and adorable.)
3. I happen to remind people of adorable anime/manga characters: Lina Inverse,Ami Mizuno,etc.
4. I have a strange love for perverted anime characters and perverted people don't really gross me out either(for all you perverts).
5. My teacher thinks I'm mixed with Japanese because I'm short, small and speak some Japanese.
6. I love FANTASY stories like Lord of the Rings, Earth sea etc.
7. I also love fantasy animes as well like Slayers, Magic knight Rayearth etc.
8. I'm working on a manga called' God Slayers' I hope it gets published.
9. I LOVE Animals! I hope that I can visit the wolves in Canada.
10. I happen to want to help on the issue of Human rights in America and Japan(Don't worry I won't get political on you)
11. My dad LOVES the Chinese cultures.
Well that's it for now. bye!

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I finished the first half of my project,I'm very happy. I also found a great background for site. It has Lina Inverse. Well,got to go to Lunch talk to you later!
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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Well,today is another normal day in which I'm going out with my mom and her parents to the store when ever they get here. Well out of boredom I'll tell a bout my self(I have no pictures of my self so bare with me.
1. I'm 5"1 tall.
2. I'm mixed (a bit) African American and Native American(odd,people say I look Native American)
3. I'm adorable(for a seventeen year old)and weight 93pds(No,I'm not sick! Just small)
4. I'm artistic and LOVE drawing,I also sing quite well.
5.I'm a bit shy in person,but if you get to know me I'm a very lovable person.
6. I love Jrock/Jpop,and Japanese culture meaning that I will major in Japanese.
7. I'm single(I'm so very lonely)
8. I'm very open minded and LOVE to learn.
Well that's it for now I'll have to find so pictures of my self.

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