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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Yay my 3rd post on my new site.Rock on!To tell the truth I'm sick right now.During the day I feel fine but at night I feel "blah".My sister has it bad,she has had a fever for four days now.So my mom is going to take her to doctor sometime this week if the fever doesn't go away.And she has been taking medicine but its not working.The fever stays gone during the day but at night it comes back.I'm sure she is fine,she has always had problems like this.

I would like to thank Solenm Serpent for this cute Valentine's Day gift Thank you!

I have been working or rather beating my head on a new layout for my other site.It has my new bishie on it.Guess who it is....Come on :3 Alright its Ulquiorra.If your wondering he is from the anime Bleach.Which I'm going to show you guys for some opinions on it.I have looked at it on IE and Firefox and it looks fine for me.However I'm working on a version two.Which will be done in a few days or so.I'll show you that one too.Also none of the links work.Its just a sample of what it looks like so far.

Preview One

Has anyone watched the new Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles or Naruto: Shippuuden?I'm fixing to watch it now,I can't wait =).I bet Naruto grows up to be pretty cute.And maybe will take after Jiraiya O.o lol lets hope not.Alright I'm off.Oh one more thing if you get chance please go vote at this site ^_^ Thank you!

Vote Please


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Thursday, February 8, 2007

As you can see I just started this site.But by no means am I new to MyO.I do have another site on here.However problems started to show up so I had to leave it for awhile.I suppose in a way its like starting over.Which is fine with me.I may end up deleteing it anyway.I hope this one will work out better than the last.

I know one thing for sure.I'm so sleepy!After this I may go to bed.I hate waking up early in the morning.But I'm going to have to do it most of my life.So I better get use to it fast right?When I was little my mom would wake me up and I would start crying..Yes I would cry my eyes out.This happen untill the 9th grade O.o

Ok just a question did anyone watch the Puppy Bowl III last Sunday?? Yes yes I did.The puppies were so cute! And the kitty half time show was even cuter.O.o I didn't watch the whole thing it was 3 hours long.Nothing but puppies playing and sniffing each others butts.I tried to get my dog to watch it but she looked at me like I was crazy.

Alright I'm off to bed anyone that signs my guestbook and comments thank you ^__^ I'll give you a cookie when I wake up!


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