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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Mood: Sick of Stupid Sadness
Listening to: Memories - Within Temptation
Currently Working On: Video in tribute to my friends I'll be leaving...
Reading: N/a


*Sigh* Don't mind the attitude. It will pass...Just been thinking aboutt he move and all the peopel I am goign to be leaving behind...I know we will all keep in contact...but not being able to see their faces...It's hard...And I am crying while typing...Damn it...

So...anyway...FC-chan (FACE-CHAN xD) is comming home tomorrow. Yay! I am going to glomp her SO HARD! I miss her so much. T_T

Well, I have been home the past 2 days and am still too god damn busy to work on my writing...I swaer i am goin gto dedicate a day to noting but writing...maybe monday. @_@

Well, I guess I'm off. I will post soon...I hope. Cherrio~


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