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Monday, June 4, 2007

   Drama is Man''s Curse
Mood: Annoyed
Listening to: Rediscovered - Shake It
Currently Working On: Nothing. DAMN ME AND MY LAZINESS!
Reading: Stuff. o_O

Ello! ^^

Boy I'm happy. AND ANNOYED! >_>

Lets go with Happy first, since it will make me feel better for the annoyed. =D

Today, i had a B-day parety for relative only. Now, i dont like my relatives, but i gots some cool stuff:

-Total of $200
-Sarcastic Shirts
-Survivor: Season 1 (i missed this one D=)

And other tthings i forgot. xD

I will be having a party on the 16th for firends. FC-chan will be back from Germany, and she HAS TO BE THERE. I postponed it this long for her. =D

Now annoyed..._

Me friend is dating someone i dont particuarly want dating her. But now...i dont know if i can call her a friend. She raely talk to me, she only talks about her new boyfriend and "Kissy Kisses"


Time to puke? ---D=

So yeah. ._.

Also, Ra-chan's school (i went there too) is being retarded. They are holding her in court for reasons i wont explain. All i can say is that they are LIIIIARS! >_<


Well, im off to bed.

OH! To clarify, the old them was depressing me and not this one. =D And a Rave is where they paly loud techno music and everyone has glowsticks to throw around and usually someone gets hurt. o_o BUT ITS FUN! XD Just watch your drinks. You could get drugged, like I did. @_@

Well then, Chrrio~ ^_^


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