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Saturday, June 2, 2007

   Lonely and Tired...Bad Combo
Mood: Lonely and Tired (lol)
Listening to: NobodyKnows+ - Hero's Come Back
Currently Working On: StepMania Song
Reading: Stepmania Notes @_@


I'm actually doing better, now that school is over. I had a final stand off with Darell. We looked at each other deeply and he hugged me so tenderly...*Sigh* Im going to miss him...

Also, I am going to miss my friends. We had a big Anime Club party at this huge Reception Hall. It was so much fun, but there were some bad things:

1) People kept putting ice down my shirt. Funny the first time. Annoying the 10th time. @_@

2) I had to say goodbye to alot of my friends

3) I had to say goodbye to Sarah, who has been one of my closest friends at school. She got me into so many things...Yaoi (I was already into yaoi, but she got me really obsessed. xD), DDR, Alot of different anime, ect. I can truly say i will miss her. She even let me sit in her car before she left. Really nice car. ^^ But seriously...

Also, each day, with Adia (Who is now Fairy Coward [Lets call her FC-chan].) in Germany, I get more and more depressed. I want to see her so bad right now, its not even funny. I have tons of friends, but she is like a sister to me. I am either thinking about her at home or at a friends. Most people think i like her "in that way", but the love I have for her is not like that. We are Soul Siblings, and nothing will change that.

*sigh* Also, StepMania is SUCH a bitch. First, I had to put the song on there, then make a logo and GET IT TO APPEAR, then make a background to show during the song and MAKE IT FUCKING APPEAR (GRR!), and now, i have to add each arrow in and to make sense. FUN! I hope it's worth it. lol

Well, dears(Yeah I called you dears. No im not an old perv. xD), I can truthfully say i am fucking tired. @_@ So imma go to bed.



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