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Sunday, May 27, 2007

   Feelings of Confusion In Sorrow . . .
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How are you all? I guess im ok...Deryl appoligized and now we are firends. Isnt that great? No.

While we talk and hang out and stuff, stupid me feels like im going to ruin the new friendship. I still like him. When he comes around me, i feel weak at the knees. We he walks by, i long for him to touch me the way he used to. But I feel I may never have that back. All because he wanted a girlfriend. *sigh* Life stinks. "Why cant you just get over him?" is probably what your thinking. It's not that simple, for you see, Deryl reminds me of my ex boyfirend Noel. His persona, the way he touches me...just about everything. When me and Deryl went out, I though it was Noel reincarnated just for me. Anyway, back to noel. THe reasons we broke up was...well, he was hit by a car. Sucks, I know. I bawl my eyes out everytime i say it, like now. *Sigh* And Deryl is making me feel this way. I still need him...

Enough about him though...Like the new layout? I think it fits pretty well, depressing as it may be. I did fail. Both Noel and Deryl...

Well, a good thing, i will still be here when Adia returns from Germany. =D I am going to hang with her SO MUCH. I miss her alot. T_T

Well, It's off to bed with another night of crying myself to sleep. Joyous, ne? *sigh*



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