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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

   Confused Adolescence
Mood: ...Cnfused? xD
Listening to: The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny-Lemon Demon
Currently Working on: Okagesamade Aiyoku Ch. 1
Reading: To Kill A Mockingbird *GAG*


If you are wondering about the title, i am just confused about the human body. All these emotions...Why do we have them. Now, im not saying I dont want them. I LOVE EMOTIONS! But i have to wonder why we do have them. How does our body work so insync with our minds that it responds to what we like. Or how come we cant achieve 100% brain function? Confused @_@

This all came to when when last night, I text Deryl about my feeling towards him. I'll find out what he thinks today at school...*Worried as H3LL* >_>

Well, my best friend is going to Germany for part of the summer and I may move before she gets back, so im trying to spend a much time as possible with her. *Glues self to Adia* >_>

Classes are ok i guess. I havent done my work as much, being the end o fthe year. I dunno, i just get....lazy? o_O *GASP* Ha.

My Avi! Its the same but i made it rainbowlicious! OMG! XDDDDDD Love it to death! Or you could say, "Its cool" ._. *Is Spazzing Out*

Well, I have to go to school. Oh my I feel all funny. o//o



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