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Saturday, May 12, 2007

   Love yet Not?
Mood: Happy, yet not.
Listening to: Not Gonna Get Us-Tatu
Currently Working on: Okagesamade Aiyoku Ch. 1
Reading: >_>


I am in a current state of unknown feeling.

I talked to Deryl for like 2 hours and basically found out he has a girlfriend, but he is allowed to flirt people. I am happy he can still touch me, yet kinda sad cuz i cant really "be" with him. But i'll be ok after a few hours of crying.

Anyway, School sucked. I feel like i did bad on the test, forgot to do my homework in English, people kept on bugging me about my hat. Just...AH! >.<

Well, luckly, I am melloing out by listen to Tatu. xD

Really nothing eles going on. OH! The "Okagesamade Aiyoku" is meh new novel. If i didnt tell you already. >_> Check out the prologue on DA. =D

Well then, Cherrio~! ^_^


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